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Anime North 2012 was my first convention. I went on Saturday and it was crowded @_____@. I didn't have the greatest, but that was probably because of me and the people I went with that day.

My circle lenses got really dry (I don't know if it was because of the heat from waiting in line to get into the con) and nobody in the dealers room was willing to sell me contact solution
;-----; . I was temporarily blind for awhile and this girl who was cosplaying as Maka accidently whacked me in the face with her scythe, almost knocking me out cold @_____@. Plus I kept getting trampled buy other people, including my own friends (LOL) because I am so short. :'D I got to see Pink Project which cheered me up in the end. ^^

Hopefully I will have a better time next year though! I didn't get to stay for the rave or concert, but next year I plan on going all three days so my friends and I can do more things. ^^
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