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for my 1st year attending both the ACC & AM2


I did not like ACC at all. i don't know why i just did not like it.

There were no Autograph Session Times for Day 2-3. (I know they give out the 1st Autograph session time After the PANEL you attend. but Sessions after that they don't announce

have to walk ALL the way down the street for food, except for a small food court in the Exhibit hall.

few other things i did not care for at Am2 but they are tiny stupid gripes that are not worth me mentioning.

where the Stage for performances were held, did not seem to work out to well. a Few Artists Alley Exhibitors were not very happy and left very Dirty Notes on their Tables about the problem.... i almost threw away one note after reading what it said but i did not want to touch it...

also about the Stage Performances, the Convention Staff or whatever, tried to shut down LUCID during their performance because they were being to loud.. because there was another Convention group or something going on, the other side of the wall....


The Passport was helpful,very Well put together word wise and Durability wise. i snagged it acouple times on backpack and tables ect. and it did not rip,tear,nothing help together Extremely well, (PROPS) for who put them together.

Fashion GOH (Sixh & Futumayo) they were Awesome, very nice answered any and all questions you had for them. Futumayo was my favorite! he ALWAYS has a Smile on his face!!

The Exhibit halls had some good Exhibitors,i wish i could have spent for than $18 at the Exhibit hall but money is still tight.

Artist Alley looked great did not walk through all of it but everyone looked like they were having a good time.

the Summer Festival Games were cool.the prize table was cool as well!

The Autograph Session Staff Members were AWESOME!!! ALL the STAFF at the Session's were Very Kind and will to answer any questions i had. they kept in contact with each other and everything looked like it ran smoothly over the weekend, i would know because i spent Almost my Whole time in the Autograph Lines LOL. very Cool Staff Members (10 stars out of 10)

All in all i would have to say.... there is a 75% chance i will be back next year.
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Attending : AX 2016 (9th Year, 2nd Year Industry)
SDCC 2016 (8th Year, 2nd Year Staff) - PMX 2016 (7th Year Attendee, 2nd Year Staff)
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