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Originally Posted by sicdedman View Post
for my 1st year attending both the ACC & AM2


have to walk ALL the way down the street for food, except for a small food court in the Exhibit hall.
All the way down the street? O.o there was a big foot court if you stepped right outside the convention and walked across the way to the building of the hotel. There was like 5 or 6 options inside and they were all directly across the way from walking out the doors to the convention. Maybe you missed it But maybe that can give it an extra "pro" for you if food is closer ^^

I personally love ACC. It's roomy, outside area has lots of photo opportunities. The rooms are nice, exhibit all is great. I still hate paying for parking, $12 no re-entry always pisses me off, but it is what it is I guess.

Only con I *really* have is not having a cosplay repair center. But that isn't even really a big deal since I am responsible for my own shit. It's just nice to have at AX, so we get a bit spoiled =P But that really didn't make or break my day, and they actually had a little roll of tape to try and help out, which, actually solved my problem as a temp fix anyway.

Staff was great and very polite. Even the "normals" that were walking around on Saturday for what I think was a soccer game? They were even pretty nice and seemed generally interested in what the hell was going on. Some people gave odd stares, but no one was rude.

I really wish AX would move back here, I loved it when it was here. Hopefully after LA this year they come back home!
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