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@ FuriePhoenix: That's a bummer!! Yeah you really have to be careful on eBay sometimes. There are a lot of shady people on that site who are just out to make quick cash. I am sure that not only do they ruin it for the customers but the other businesses as well. Anyway, I hope that you are able to get a refund!

@ LKD: That is just not fair!! Ha ha! I wish I lived that close to the FD, or even a Joanns for that matter. Well I am sure you take advantage of it, I know I would. I would probably be there all the time.

@ Suzie Blue: Well I am glad you are getting your motivation back! I think the lists are a good way to keep track of everything. Actually, what you described sounds a lot like me. I just get so excited about other projects and so I start purchasing a bunch of stuff and work on multiple things at once. Not only is it overwhelming, but confusing too! I keep a lot of my materials stored in plastic bins and there has been more than one occasion where I would check in a bin and find fabric I had forgotten about. "What is this for???" :P

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