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Happy Now?
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Well it wasn't AS boring as I thought it was going to be, and the grand otaku debate made it worth it. Artist alley was amazingly large, and there were actually a lot more cosplayers this year. Host club, you gatta love host club. Rose Achademy (sp?) was fun too. Food, clean bathrooms.

Well no concerts cept techncally 1 since I bought the pass under the premice that concerts where going to be passport only.

Cancelations and no shows.

Fri: Special Effects Make up for cosplay - only her assistant showed, apperently she was stuck in traffic in Long Beach. Guy tried his best giving a duck tape conversation but still sad I didn't see it happen.

Nyan Chan's meet and greet. First off it moved with out any notice, second off it took them a half and hour to tell me I was the only one. ONLY ONE! Not the only female the only person, my friend amusngly signed me up on my birthday. If they would have told me sooner I would have bolted back to host club. But guess it wasn't to bad my friend got the host to herself once I was gone. Still I am going to suffer with the forever alone teasing because of this.

Making of Live action video games: YEAH that was just awkward sitting in a room with some people waiting silently for nothing to happen.

Speaking of panels Japanese Mythological beasties and ghoast should have been given more time. People where really getting into that when staff walked in and reminded her to end it soon.

Friday I only stayed for the Grand Otaku debate finals before I went home it was just to boreing. Maybe I am just to used to a lively conventions. Also I agree with above, I saw where the dance was held and even I had to go WTF? Bet you the business convention across the hall that was going on at the same time enjoyed the music. Yup, there was a business meeting going on Saturday when the dance started. It let out shortly past 7.

(PS: Thought that was you Makira but I was to chicken to approach you and ask. Well not really chicken rather didn't want to say "Are you from cosplay dot com?" and have nothing else to say. You look better in real life then your photos BTW)
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