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Show me where ya noms at.
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Originally Posted by RoMayDrako View Post

(PS: Thought that was you Makira but I was to chicken to approach you and ask. Well not really chicken rather didn't want to say "Are you from cosplay dot com?" and have nothing else to say. You look better in real life then your photos BTW)
Haha you should have said hi Someone else did, except I didn't hear them right, LOL. "Are you Makira?" Me- "No, I'm Rikku!" I swear I didn't hear Makira come out of his mouth, hahahaa. Wrote me later telling me the story and I was like akwaaaaaaaaaard, my bad!

And bwuhahahahahah. I hope that doesn't mean my pictures are BAD. But thank you xD I feel the exact same way whenever I look at a photo VS myself in the mirror.
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