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Originally Posted by Makira View Post
Haha you should have said hi Someone else did, except I didn't hear them right, LOL. "Are you Makira?" Me- "No, I'm Rikku!" I swear I didn't hear Makira come out of his mouth, hahahaa. Wrote me later telling me the story and I was like akwaaaaaaaaaard, my bad!

And bwuhahahahahah. I hope that doesn't mean my pictures are BAD. But thank you xD I feel the exact same way whenever I look at a photo VS myself in the mirror.
That's alright I look at myself in photos and pray to god I don't look like that in real life. XD Though surpised my jelly rolls don't show more in the picture one user took... ... Didn't notice my skirt slipped down that low-oups.

And no that doesn't mean your pictures are bad. If you saw a horrible anko running around on day 1 and 2 that was me.

And you feel bad about missing someone using your name, someone started to point out Anko's hair was purple not black and I didn't realize that was someone from the AM2 forum trying in his own way to say hi... Unfortuanly he tried this in the otaku debate room. XD
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