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The expanded artist alley and dealers room was like a play ground of awesome goodies to buy. It allowed for a lot more space so it didn't feel super packed together and it was nice.

The Panels seemed to be a lot more well run and I didn't see panelist with issues that the staff couldn't help out with or could even stop to offer help (happened to me one year). the variety of panels was really nice too

Agreeing with DAvin that the food was much better too and you really could get the bang for your buck with the self serve buffet line, so if you possessed awesome tetris stacking skills with your food you ate very well without having to walk out into the heat

I love Metrocon but I had an issue with the security that was dressed in the umbrella corp gear. I watched as a pair just started yelling at a kid of about 8 to move to the side. Really? How is this child suppose to know you're security when you have nothing to show for it and instead he's probably thinking he's just being yelled at for no reason. They held no tact and obviously asking someone to do something was very hard for them because most people were looking at them like they had grown 2 heads on the power trip.

The main events of the Masquerade and the Human Chess match seemed less entertaining than before. The story line seemed a little thrown together and not thought out for the human chess match along with hearing several complaints that for the long time it ran it wasn't worth being in there. The Masquerade was ok, I couldn't hear Ed well at times and the story line while it was creative to try and join the previous years for the "end" it just didn't meet up to what I was expecting

again all my general opinion
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