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Well everyone as you know lots of Cons are coming up and i have a bright idea. I have recently come across a picture that i would like to cosplay but need someone of a similar size and build to me to do it. And also to equally beautiful women as well. *Also of similar size and build. I will post the picture below and if you can help me it does not have to be any con's soon but it is something i'd like to pull off. Also we will be doing a photo shoot with these cosplays so please help me out. I'm looking for 3 more people two girls and one guy someone who is SUPER bad ass at Commission work and won't charge and arm and leg and maybe a photographer as well.
Also i would like to point out my body type is athletic and i'm about 5'9'' hair color does not matter but yeah. As far as weight i'm probably about 140 Lbs. So yeah as far as the girls it does not matter yet but what ever we can work out i'd like to.
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Just a Cosplayer who likes to make new friends....and steal more souls lol JK! Anyways I'm always looking for new cosplays so if you can think of anything let me know My pics and description here.
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