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Hello everyone! I used to be on this site a long time ago, but, I stopped after I went on a hiatus due to a ton of family issues arising. Low and behold, from Pennsylvania, I have relocated to Florida and know absolutely no one, especially having anything in common with cosplay or anime for that matter. I know there are people in South Florida but, of course, I happen to be in North Florida (Jacksonville to be precise), closer to Georgia...hurrah. Still, I know no one!

Anyway, with the ranting aside!

To be called: Sucre, Mana, or Manda
About Me: I'm 23 going on 24 in, gasp, three days?! I work ALOT, as I'm a cook in a restaurant (This also contributes to my lack of a social life..) I also workout a lot because I like to eat and I like to look good. I do crossplays and cosplays, with my first "reintroduction" to the cosplay world being AUSA. However, this does not mean I will brush any cosplay meetups aside!

I've had a lot of bad past where I had gotten divorced but we were two worlds apart. I still had a passion for excitement and exploration - and he was the opposite, so, that ended that. I'm very adventurous, spontaneous, wild, - in short, I like to have fun and cosplay!
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