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Name: C.J. ((my nick name))
Location: Georgia--near Atlanta
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Personality: At first I come off shy and really only talk if spoken to, but once I get to know a person I can be a bit of a chatter-box (in an non-annoying way). I won’t say that I’d win the best personality award but I am a well-rounded person and an overall friendly girl. I’m a laid back tomboy that can be stubborn and hard-headed at times, but I’m very caring and loyal to the friends I make.

Likes: Anime & Manga, drawing, reading, writing poetry and stories, cosplay, video games, my computer, derping around with friends, listening to music, training my dog, wolves, and exercising.
((My favorite video game character is: Sephiroth// Favorite anime character: Shizuo Heiwajima.))

Dislikes: Cold environments, arrogance, and liars! ((Others you’d have to find out. ^.^))


Animes- There are a lot of different anime series that there's too many to name. But my favorites are Black Butler, Wolf’s Rain, Durrarara, One Piece, Cowboy Bebop, Loveless.

Manga- Heart no Kuni no Alice, Death Note, Loan, Spice & Wolf, Vampire Kisses, and Animal Land.

Music- I tend to like all types of music, anything with a good beat. But I mostly listen to J-rock, pop, classical, whatever’s on my Ipod XD.

Seeking: I'm looking for a special someone who accepts me for who I am. I’m not going to set out a list or any real standards because I like surprises! However it would be nice to meet a down-to- earth guy that loves anime and goes to conventions!

Cosplay & anime loving friends- I enjoy having friends that share my same interest.
"Thank you for loving someone like me, who is good for nothing.. with such bad blood in his veins. Up to today.. Thank you!!"

~Portgas D. Ace

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