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Name: nickname i'll say Ruki-chan :P
Age: 24 (25 july 1)
gender: Female
I'm not exactly sure if im looking for a serious relationship with a guy but im open to getting to know people in general!!!! i cosplay of course i cosplay from a little bit of everything t.v. series, anime sci fi. you name im very electic I dont drive so that sort of limits me to see people. I'm not sure what else to put ><

Interests: Karoke, Star Wars (Rebel legion/501st charity/costumed volenteering events) Costumes in general, I love taking photo's of Cat's Nature out of the ordinary things at times, walking through grave yards, staying up late, facebook, going for walks, parks,civil war forts, history, guys, freindship,anime,genelogy. things that are not modern (architecture etc.)Weapons... >_>
dislikeseople who mess with a persons emotions also liers, facehuggers,
personality: I'm some what like patti from soul eater i can be quite hyper at times, im a very nice person most of the time im open minded also.

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