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For me, personally? I'd like to see a dedicated artist alley. There are plenty of advantages in using that hallway for artist booths. Unfortunately, when it's hugging the primary route to everything important (dealer's room especially), headaches ensue. This problem is also agitated by cosplay photo requests which pop up in those hallways, since there is already a big space crunch. Artists just need their own room next year, hands down. I understand there isn't too much space at this venue, but I believe it can be made possible.

One iddy-biddy letdown for me was the poor selection in the video game room. I don't like that half the tables are dedicated to modern games which can be played online already, which doesn't make the best use for a room like that. No offense to shooter fans, but I heavily dislike the majority of TV's being wasted on Halo, Gears, L4D, CoD, etc, when chances are one is already playing these games at home all the time with strangers or friends online. So if you know anyone who can talk to the men and women who operate the video game room, ask them if there's any way the room can be used for more games that give us a reason to play in the same room. Good examples would be games like Rock Band, or games with no online functionality such as Guilty Gear or older arcade brawler games. There simply needs to be more variety!
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