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Originally Posted by swiftshadow666 View Post
Also I remember it being announced that time was running low and we had to hurry. Is it possible to get a slightly longer time? If not is it possible to have the game played prior to the event so we are not waiting for the players to think of the move? If you pre decide who is going to stand where then you can just have a list of the moves to announce who is moving where. You could still have two people sit there and move the pieces accordingly on a board so the audience thinks its being played for the first time. This would mean there was less of a chance to run out of time and more time to concentrate on the performance.
I watched the Sailor Moon game, my suggestion would be to have the game pre-planned as well. Not due to the time being almost up (I think it ran pretty much on time?), but rather from a pacing standpoint. I found that, from the viewer's perspective, there were long-ish stretches of time where not much interesting was happening, and then all of a sudden stuff happened. Mind you, I know some of this was due to technical difficulties, and I know that there need to be some down times between the action and battles. However I feel that if the game were planned out in advance and the announcers were in the know, it would help cut down on the confusion and down time.

Originally Posted by swiftshadow666 View Post
You could have time to bring a mic up to the 2 players facing each other and let them say something before battle. A taunt or something that fits the character personality. Something like an RPG where the characters often comment before and after the battle.

I should probably state that until now I had not realized coin had suggested the talking thing. I kind of only skimmed the post due to the cluster of words.
Another one liking this idea. They did this a little bit with the Sailor Moon game, maybe a little more banter right before battle?

My only other comments/suggestions... I thought Chibi and the male host of the Sailor Moon game (I'm sorry, I forgot his name!) did a great job role-playing, and I felt the fellow did a great job of breathing life into the game. He's great at what he does, to him I say, "keep doing what you're doing!" Which is not to say that everybody else was lack-luster - on the contrary, it was a great game and everyone did a great job. I just wanted to give a special shout-out to the fellow.
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