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Originally Posted by Vessa-Sushi View Post
Hola folks!

Just so everyone is aware, the next year thread will be posted probably next month in the new AN forums which are currently in the works.

Feedback from players and audience is most welcome, and if you happen to have suggestions for problems you found, please feel free to post them. If someone starts to poo poo on your thoughts and opinions, just ignore them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even under misinformation and miscommunication (or not). Life goes on, no need to sweat it ^.^

I really don't like that idea at all. I know in the past people complained signups weren't on the AN forums but if they have them there only then people that are used to them being on here will complain. I think they should have signups on both sites that way no one complains and everyone is happy or do you mean signups are still going to be on this site but the thread for next month will be something else on that site?
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