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Originally Posted by Chibi Lenne View Post
Unfortunately, we tried having sign ups on both boards several years ago, it just doesn't work, its too hard to enact the 'first come first serve' policy we've had. As for sign ups migrating, the forums are not an official source for AN information even if we have been using it in the past for the games. The forums are being cleaned up so non-cosplay related threads will eventually be removed, which I imagine will include threads relating to the sign up of AN events.

That being said, they are moving, it's not like you're not getting any warning, we'll be posting the link long before any kind of sign ups start up, and when the new forums are up, people can sign up there, it's simple as that. Its the only way the event coordinators can have complete control over the thread for posting and moderation and to slow down the flow of misinformation (it was bad this year for that).
It's too bad they are moving them. I just had a feeling the people that are usually used to it being on here will just complain anyway that they don't have an account on the other site. Anyway to me I always thought of cosplay chess as a cosplay related event (after all it does have cosplay in it's name). Will it be possible to ask people that have accounts on the other site to sign us up on the other one then or to message whoever is running it on here?

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