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I can see your frustrations with the Artist Alley setup. Unfortunately, I doubt it will be changed back to a dedicated room. My understanding is that the artists have found that having the tables in the hallway like that helps their sales and name distribution. My experience with them is that it doesn't greatly hinder the crowd flow. Taking cosplay photos is more of an etiquette issue. I know Otakon has a dedicated room for Artist's Alley, and they also have problems with people choosing to stop cosplayers in the middle of tight hallway. If photographers would move to open areas, they wouldn't create clogs. And there are several places where that can be down along AMA's Artist Alley setup.

The issue with the games is something that I know the head of the gaming company is aware of, and he is handling it. There are other issues with the setup that you wouldn't know about, and he wasn't happy when he saw those either. Next year should be a lot better.
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