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Just tossing this in, if you need variety to be supplied, I have a lot of systems and games. Classics (like Sega Master System/8bit Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Intellivision, Dreamcast...) and fun imports (Parapara, Poppin' Music, Beatmania, Taiko Drum....) that I don't mind bringing to the con to be set up in the room. My husband and I collect systems and games.

As an AA person, but not for this con, I enjoy the location. I know it's guaranteed traffic for them and $$. Perhaps I've been to one too many cons because I didn't find the area overly packed.

Dealer's Room
A better marked "Entrance", "Exit" or "No Exit" would be good. Trouble entering with people pouring out of the entrance. When leaving, I went out a side door on Sunday and was reprimanded like a child after exiting. I didn't know it wasn't allowed to be used.

Staff was great, but I might be bias.

I loved knowing far in advance when and where the panels were going to be so that I could plan accordingly without having to rush around the week before. I also was able to promote the panels well before hand.

Was there an Art Show this year? I never came across it in my travels.
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