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Originally Posted by dizzylizzy View Post
Just tossing this in, if you need variety to be supplied, I have a lot of systems and games. Classics (like Sega Master System/8bit Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Intellivision, Dreamcast...) and fun imports (Parapara, Poppin' Music, Beatmania, Taiko Drum....) that I don't mind bringing to the con to be set up in the room. My husband and I collect systems and games.

As an AA person, but not for this con, I enjoy the location. I know it's guaranteed traffic for them and $$. Perhaps I've been to one too many cons because I didn't find the area overly packed.

Dealer's Room
A better marked "Entrance", "Exit" or "No Exit" would be good. Trouble entering with people pouring out of the entrance. When leaving, I went out a side door on Sunday and was reprimanded like a child after exiting. I didn't know it wasn't allowed to be used.

Staff was great, but I might be bias.

I loved knowing far in advance when and where the panels were going to be so that I could plan accordingly without having to rush around the week before. I also was able to promote the panels well before hand.

Was there an Art Show this year? I never came across it in my travels.
Gaming --
We can't use your systems due to liability in case something happens. We have a contract with GPX Gaming, and they do have a variety of games and systems. I won't go into details, but what the gaming room this year was an exception to the great service they provide. As I said previously, the owner of the company saw all the issues you guys saw as soon as he got there. It's not happening again.

Dealer's Room --
Normally, we do that. I'm not sure why we didn't this year. There were Security associates at each door, so they could have decided flow wasn't consistent enough to warrant it. And, of course, people exiting is hard to control even when there are signs. Anyone that has worked retail has seen that. It will still be brought up; it shouldn't be too hard to come up with something to try to alleviate the problem.

Art Show --
The Art Show was in Restaurant A, so it was set up kind of secluded. You would have gone down the hallway after Registration into the restaurant, and there was a small room in that area. All the info on times and location was in the center shaded bar on the Fri/Sat side of the schedule. We'll look into better ways of advertising or making people aware of it.
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