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Southern California Cosplayers

I just wanted to see how many cosplayers are in Southern California. I live in Riverside County to be exact.

It doesn't matter where you are in Southern, California or anywhere in California just give a shoot out where ever you are.

So are there many SoCal cosplayers?? Does not seem to be a lot but I know your out there!! Just drop by and say hi, or if your looking for someone or a group to cosplay with or even your plans for year!!

Anyways hi everyone!!
2013 Cosplay Plans
Date Masamune - Sengoku Basara- 10%
Date Masamune - Gakuen Basara- 0%
Date Masamune- Blue Hakama Version- 5%
Ultear Milkovich- Fairy Tail, Grimoire Hearts Dress- 0%

2013Convention/Expo Plans: Not all are set in stone
Anime Expo, Los Angeles
Comi-Con, San Diego
Fanime, California
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