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The stuff posted in the FB AMA group pretty much sums up what I thought Lol and this is just my opinion and I know some of it is not something you can change but re-posting what some people posted=

It's not what it used to be for sure. The number of con goers is dwindling year by year. I remember how HUGE it was back in 2005 and it's not the same. I think it might be the venue and location. Hopefully, like most major events, they will tweak things and improve next year and grow again.

I was bored practically the entire time.

I've noticed the rules have gotten a little slack, which causes things to be rather.. well.. boring. For example, at the masquerade (which they also made all the participants sit backstage for ((ridiculous!)), they usually have some sort of entertainment until the trophies are announced. Instead all of the lights just came on and the only people who were left were people who competed. Lots of people did a very good jobs, lots of people should have gotten praised for all the hard work they put in, because honestly, the masquerade is one of the only places to even see cosplay anymore. Friday I counted around 45 people actually cosplaying. That is such a small number for an anime convention where cosplaying used to be a big deal. Gee, and the people that were cosplaying couldn't get their pictures taken because the staff would run out of nowhere complaining about how in the way they were. News flash guys, the center is really REALLY small. Someone is always going to be in someones way. I can understand asking several people to move if they have been doing it for a while, but one picture isn't going to end the world.

It seemed rather disorganized at best, and extremely chaotic at worst. I spent most of my time outside sitting in the grass in front of the con center.

lighting in the cosplay contest which was completely awful, the constant high beam strobe into the crowd, then cut back down to no light at all or those blue lights where you couldn't even see the costumes, then back to blinding everyone again. With all the changing colors and raising and lowering its a miracle no one had a seizure.

That lighting was just awful we left after like the 4th skit due to it. Its like the lighting tech was trying to make it a rave on stage. On top of that he kept angling the high beams out into the crowd, if it was a professional that had been hired I really hope the con refused to pay them.

Not only that but the fact that most of the groups that come refuse to actually split up and talk to others and stayed in their own circle really killed the socialization aspect of the whole con.I go to cons not for panels or much of anything else. I really only go to see the people that I don't get to see in everyday life and meet new people. This con and the cliquey group thing that was going on just really killed that for me.

Things need to change and I agree, it needs to start with us cosplayers. Yes, I know it's fun to wear stuff like gas masks and corsets and random stuff that you normally don't get to wear in everyday life. But really, whatever happened to cosplaying at a convention? Isn't that the whole point? Not gonna lie, in Friday dressed as Yoko, I kinda felt out of place. Literally, it was weird to be dressed in cosplay and the only people I ran into were people in ripped/holey/safety pinned jeans with doctors masks on and contacts in while I'm walking around in full Yoko gear and a 6 and a half foot gun strapped to my back. I put work into my cosplay, I'd been working on it for months (and not just limited to the cosplay, I worked out for it and lost weight as well) and I take pride in my work. It's kinda sad when I put so much work into something and then I feel weird because everyone else at the convention is dressed like we're going to a concert.

It would be nice if the panels weren't first come first served and were screened like they are at other conventions. This would weed out panels that have no idea what's going on.

I have to agree with the posted who said they felt out of place dressing up. I saw a bunch of people dressed in corsets, bikini tops, and ears but the cosplay was few and far between. I brought a bunch of my lolita stuff to dress in but felt so out of place dressed up. That should never happen at a con.

It was nice, and had its fun moments, but it wasn't GREAT. I don't know what it really was. The con-goers were nice, but I felt some energy lacking. I'm used to people yelling, "Red Robin!" "The Game!" or, "WHAT TIME IS IT?!" and everyone yells back with so much happiness and energy. Playing red light green light in the hall, lots of hugs from random people and people walking around with music and dancing. AMA was calm, which doesn't make it bad but it kind of made me sad. I've only been to AMA one other time, and that was back in '09 when it was in Hampton. The energy was fantastic then. The dances, which are my favorite part, weren't as hype as those at Neko. Friday no one was barely there, and Saturday was better, but I didn't go as crazy as I normal do. Usually at Neko (sorry, Neko is really the only con I've been to) when people stand in line for the dances, people walk by and hype us up. The staff yells, "IS EVERYONE READY?!" and everyone yells and cheers. Saturday day was just the security guy yelling out the rules saying he had little patience. I understand it's something he had to do but it kind of made me sad there weren't people hyping up the crowd.

I totally agree with all of the above ^^^
The lighting in the cosplay contest was awful,there were not that many cosplayers most of the people were only there to party at the rave,some of the staff was very rude,it was quite boring and pretty bad when you feel out of place in cosplay at an anime con :/ and overall it just had a lack of enthusiasim/energy that it had before.I remember in 2008/2009 the energy was great,there wasnt those little cliques that people would stay in,they would talk to other people and be friendlier,and i just had an amazing time then.But I did have an okay time when some people would come over and talk.

Also Plz TXT ME if you also attend AMA and Neko-con (:~ 434 944 3921
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