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I cosplay Castiel, and I saw a Dean at A-Kon, so walked up to him and stood behind him. When he turned around we were almost touching noses. I was just staring at him, trying not to laugh. And he was totally in character! For the rest of the day we were hanging out with a Sam, Gabriel, and Bobby. It was really fun, and we're planning on meeting up again at San Japan!
I almost scared myself when I looked in the mirror after putting in my contacts. I have dark brown eyes and these blue contacts I bought from pinkyparadise made them REALLY blue. And they were comfortable. So worth the amount I payed. (30+5 ship.)
Convention/Cosplay List:
A-Kon 24- Gabriel from Supernatural, Claude from Black Butler, hunter from Left 4 Dead 2.

San Japan: Sinister 6- Gabriel from Supernatural, Wiccan from the Young Avengers, other unknown.
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