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Hello! I've decided to do a BBC Sherlock as my first foray into cosplay (if you don't count the thrown together closet jedi I wore to my first con). I'm sewing skills are uber beginner, so I thought I'd try to make a costume with clothes I can find at Goodwill. Sherlock seemed like a good bet, but not just any Sherlock - Harpoon Sherlock! The Con I'm attending is 2 weeks away, and I'm starting to get everything in line now.

I got my wig from Adra today - Benny in Natural Black. I was a bit disappointed that the dark brown was out, but this color isn't half bad. It's a bit on the fluffy side (forgive the picture, the wig is directly out of the bag and I'm attempting a sherlock-esque pose while holding my iphone with one hand), but I should find some way to style it a bit. This is my first wig, and I'm a bit afraid of ruining it :/

Other costume to dos:

1. Harpoon - I'm getting the pieces this weekend. I figure something like a broom handle, a metal rod, and some rope, topped with a paper mache tip.

2. Blue shirt - Goodwill

3. Fake blood - am going to consult with my theater friends to see what homemade blood works best, doesn't stain the skin and will last through a few days of con going

4. Blue contacts - debating this. I normally wear glasses, but don't know if I will have the time to visit my eye doctor

5. My favorite step - watch Sherlock over and over again and practice acting Sherlock-esque.
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