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Originally Posted by JonathonWolf View Post
We'll take the Cosplay Event stuff to the head of that department. As far as attendance, I've been under the impression that we've been having some of our best years recently. I think estimates for numbers this year are between 4200 and 4500. Panels aren't first come, first served. They are evaluated on whether they meet the family-friendly image of the con, and then an attempt is made to create a variety. There were a lot of great panels, and it may be that the subjects you are interested in might not have had anyone submit.
Oh its not just me lol! I'm just posting exactly what others said because they were arguing about it in the forums and people were saying stop just arguing about it and tell someone who might could do something about it so i posted it over here.haha and yes I know its just opinions like i said (:

Also Plz TXT ME if you also attend AMA and Neko-con (:~ 434 944 3921
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