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Originally Posted by ~Larxene~ View Post
Yes.As i stated,not AMAs fault lmao just an opinion.Everyones experience is going to be different based on intrests and who theyre hanging out with.I just noticed there were more people that were in their own little groups with thats fine whatever xD peoples choices but when you try to say hi to them they ignore you cuz your not in their little group.For example, there were two Kuroshitsuji groups and neither one would talk to each other thinking they were better than them and saying mean stuff.But theres always going to be stuff like that I was just stating my opinions and what some other peoples opinions were so that they could be heard also.
I notice the anti-social thing a lot. I used to be like that at cons, because in the beginning I was young and cons were huge. Then later on I grew up but was so busy doing my own thing I thought it was rather silly to see how many other ponies, I mean people, I could meet. But nowadays I'm a can of chill looking for excuses to meet peeps. So next time look for people like me? (now that I think about it, I believe we have talked on this site before at least, but I digress.) I don't know. I'd try to aim for meeting individuals and stay away from clique-ish groups. I tried to participate in meetups in the past but I always felt out of place.
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