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Crossposting for maximum SOS.

So, I'm trying to cosplay Bela Talbot, but am having the worst time finding a wig for her. She has kind of a ashy light-medium brown shade of hair. The problem is, I just cannot find a wig of appropriate style in a colour that doesn't look flat or synthetic, like a lot of wigs intended for anime/video game cosplay. IE, the colour is way too warm, or has no tones or highlights.

I've checked Amphigory,and kind of like their 'touchable tease' forever young wig, but they don't have the colour available I'm looking for. I have minimal styling skill and would need to find someone else to do any cutting for me, so I'm trying to find something as close style wise as possible.(I'm doing it ala Bad Day at Black Rock graveyard scene) Also my budget is limited. Since all wigs are a tiny bit of a gamble, I'm really looking for not more than $45 on the wig, including shipping. Help?


I'm also considerably paler than Lauren Cohen, so I'm afraid even most medium browns will read more as brunette on me.
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