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I'm really glad to see that people seemed to overall have a good time this year at Metro. I really wish that all the "cons" portions could be fixed by the convention, but the only thing I can bring up at the staff meeting is the issues with the Security team.

I am genuinely sorry to hear that people on the metro team were not of a metro-standard of kindness to all attendees, it will be brought up to the other staff members and we'll do our best to improve on guest hospitality....

did anyone enjoy or utilize MetroCon's 1st ever Cosplay repair station this weekend?
it was a first year attempt, we're going to advertise it a bit more for next year and we'll even have a sign for it next year as well.

we did this year get a nice big banner for the cosplay booth so we could be more recognizable this year as the cosplay booth, and not just some table with a photography back drop.

personal Pros: we had so much talent this year at metro, it was a great year for cosplayers, idols, and artists. all the attendees were so incredibly nice!

personal Cons:was not fond of staff members being negative or rude to each other and attendees... we really need every staff member watch a video on being kind to others....

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