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Well.... I too have heard of horror stories from milanoo.... on the day my cosplay arrived from them too..... *sigh*

I ordered a Sweden (Berwald Oxenstierna) cosplay from them... it actually looked alright..... it fit perfectly and everything was spot on.... but then the horror came..... most of the buttons fell off the NIGHT BEFORE Supanova.... so I had to stay up till about 1-2am sewing them on (because I had it out to iron it before and I was just putting it on and checking everything so it'd be perfect for Supanova the next day)...

So yeah... I acutally don't think you should Trust Milanoo.... I also heard someone ordered a England cosplay, ordered it again because the size wasn't right, and then they had to reorder it again.... because stuff was missing... but each and everything they sent it back.... the same costume came back.... looking different each time....




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