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How to apply a blue tint w/o photoshopping

Okay so I have been prowling around worldcosplay just looking at some AMAZING pictures of people cosplaying. I did Tifa at AnimeNEXT and I saw some incredible pictures of this girl doing some action poses in what appears to be a vacant parking garage. I LOVE the blue tint to the pictures because it creates the best mood especially for a game like FVII. I want to know how to pull off a blue tint in pictures without using any editing program. I was researching a bit online and people have said that using a colored paper over a speedlight will work. I am saving up some money for a speedlight but I want to know if this will work first. Oh and one more thing my friend and I cosplayed from the persona series and for my friend (who cosplayed as the femal protag from P3P) I want to do a dark hour photoshoot with her so I need a green tint affect. Please let me know what your ideas are any help is greatly welcomed and hopefully I'm not confusing anybody by my babbling >.<

Thank you!

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