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Captain America(Bucky Rescue)

Hey, as you may have noticed from my avatar, I'm a pretty big fan of Captain America, for NYCC last October, I decided to dress up as him during his "Bucky Rescue" scene.

Here's the inspiration pic:

And the screen shot:


Here's what I was able to throw together in a week:

First Try

Now, for Wizard World last month, I wasn't going to dress up cause it wasn't as big, but I decided to anyways, and I made a major renovation to my costume, with new: Goggles, Helmet, shield, dogtags, suspenders, belt, leggings and boots, here's the result.

New Costume 1

New Costume 2

I guess the belt was covered up by the shield in the pics, but I think the new one is slightly better, opinions?
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