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Ooh, 9 does need some love, but sherlock is a fun show to cosplay from... that will be very hard to decide.. My vote is in for the 9th since like you said there won't be as many :U

ALSO! Apparently rumor says that the 2nd floor where akon usually has the second story of artist alley is just going to be a bunch of tables for people to sit at, so maybe we can move our shoot over there when we start the game playing/tea drinking? Before that though, I think maybe where we had the shoot for akon could work? We shouldn't have too much a problem with conflicting shoots, since our group won't take up much space (we could probably still fit on the sidelines again, but if you guys want me to list us on the official/unofficial shoot listing I can do that too).

Oh and lastly I have divided to cosplay Castielle/63!Castiel to the shoot so your shoot leader will actually be wearing something related to the shoot U v U
Costume To Do List '14
Miriel-30% - Sugawara Koushi-100%
Xion-90% - Gou Matsuoka-100%



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