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Cosplay groups can be fun. I know I feel less shy about being in character with my friends, so it can be very entertaining.
For me: Definitely will be doing Belarus from Hetalia again (I had way more fun cosplaying her than I thought I would).
I'm almost certain I will be doing Touko Amano from Bungaku Shoujo. Have to almost redo the whole cosplay, though.
My third cosplay is not entirely certain yet. Could be doing Popuri from Harvest Moon: Back To Nature. If my friends decided to to K-ON, I will be doing Ritsu.
Of course, I could get lazy and decide to just do Seychelles from Hetalia or Sunako Nakahara from The Wallflower (since they are some of my finished, easy cosplays).
As the con gets closer, things will be more definite.
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