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As far as AMA goes, I had a lot of fun. The dealers were a lot of fun to chat with - especially the gentleman selling the Necomimi. The artists that I chatted with were a lot of fun. I had no problems with staff (though, being on staff m'self may have something to do with it).

As far as the people go... I found myself disappointed in the people, the attendees. There was a lot of group seclusion going on. The majority was in the attitude of the attendees, but part of it was also the layout. The only decent places that people could mingle freely with people of other groups were the areas directly outside of the buildings (in the blazing heat) and the lounge of the Marriott. Aside from that, the only time people passed each other was when they had somewhere to be or somewhere they intended to go.

I will say, that it was fun doing the Cha Cha Slide with everyone Saturday night by the Otakon PhotoBooth. Random stuff like that brings all sorts of people together.

Now, in my Rozalin dress (for those who don't play Disgaea, I was the blonde with the huuuge black dress with the metric effton of red and gold bows), I tried to mingle with everyone and talk to people at random. Especially when people wanted pictures - most people didn't even realize that I was dressed from a video game.
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