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Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
It was a hard cose for me to make as well on the bow I was looking up ways to make one from scratch that could bend but I just don't have the power tool to do it properly in the end.
Interesting article on the textures.
Yeah. I might remake a bow later on, your method sounds good, but I also lack any sort of the tools to do it, haha. And thanks for the texture link! That's a good read.

I was actually looking at that seller, as well, I also have a text file of several different wig options. I really like the Arda wig mostly because of the color. While the more natrual tones aren't bad, I really like the orange tones of Merida's hair.
And of course, the evening I finally decide that Arda is the direction I want to go in, they are sold out. Sigh. Lol. Luckily I'm not wearing Merida until sometime in August, so hopefully I can get the wig before then.

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