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Originally Posted by psychoaccess View Post
Also, I loved how your dress came out! I really like the fabric and the color. Did you use linen?
Eep, thanks! I'm really happy with it as well (the only things I've actually made in the past two or three years were a sundress, an apron, and a handbag so I'm really pleased). I did use linen because southern CA + wool + summer = not gonna happen. (Of course, I say this two months before I go to Scotland, dress-in-tow. At least, I hope I'll have my dress in tow.)

Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
Another question for those that have seen to movie (I want to now but I have to wait a few weeks ) Did this dress ever show up in the movie. I don't want to know the details (see no evil ) I'm just curious.
It's (at least) very similar to the dress she wears at the end but, in my opinion, that dress looked to be a very dark blue rather than black. And, as previously mentioned, it's the base for the face character parks dress. (The second time I saw it, I paid particular attention to the bottom of the dress and it does have some of the same/similar detailing.)
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