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Originally Posted by UmmS View Post
I love to see everyone's costumes as well. Progress on Harpoon!Sherlock is going well. Harpoon is almost finished. Found a purple shirt (not the right color, but oh well) at Goodwill, so now I can do a purple shirt+suit Sherlock as well. And the piece de resistance, my very own John

Those who have taken your characters out to cons, were you recognized often? What kind of reception did you get? There is a BBC Sherlock panel at the Con I'm going to in a week and a half, so at least some people know/appreciate the show. I'm hoping for a little love at least.
LOL Dat Jawn.

I was recognized a fair amount and hugged often, actually. I always acted a bit disgusted, but out of character, I would never deny a fellow fan a hug because that's just mean. XD The reception was highly positive and I enjoyed wearing it!
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