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I like the weave in linen as well, it looks very similar to the texture in the film, so that makes me happy. I haven't gone out to actually go out and try and find it, but apparently, from what others have said in this thread, Jo-Ann's has a teal linen that works? So I might go out and check that out. If not, my fiance's mother might be able to help me find what I want, since she runs a sewing shop. (Up a couple states from me though, so sadly I cannot make use of all the wonderful machines and such they sell OTL) There's also a fabric store about 30 minutes from me that I haven never been to, though I have heard they're a little expensive. I need to figure out my pattern and what I need first, before I go find fabrics.

I planned on using the Butterick B4827. I haven't bought it yet, though. Which did you use?

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