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I came in here to ogle all the Sherlock cosplays, even though I'm not working on one at the moment. You guys make my heart happy.

Originally Posted by UmmS View Post
3. Fake blood - am going to consult with my theater friends to see what homemade blood works best, doesn't stain the skin and will last through a few days of con going
FWIW, I found that jello + unflavored gelatin works great as fake blood (my bloody cosplay here). It's thicker and darker looking than most packaged fake blood, and once dried it's completely solid, not sticky like corn syrup is, while still looking wet. I was able to walk around a con and pose with people for pictures, even use door handles and elevator buttons without leaving any fake blood behind. It comes off with a bit of soap and water (at least from skin, haven't tried to get it off of clothing), and doesn't stain the skin in any lasting way -- ie, I wore this costume less than 24 hours after washing the fake blood off, and there were no stains left on my arms or face by then. It can start to crack and peel after awhile, but only if you look up close, and that's the only downside I found.

Anyhow, if it's helpful at all, I wrote up my recipe for it here in the Tutorials section.
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