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Linen is period accurate as well and in the summer no one would wears wool. (I just can not WEAR it against my skin, it break our in a rash. lol)

You can also dye linen to the shade you need as well but from personal experience dyeing a lot of fabrics once requires a fie pit and steel garble scan. lol has a few hunter green linen options.
and some blues.

My cape is a texture synthetic fabric I've picked up and need a good washing, it had nice drape and again wool would be a nightmare for the August heat. I will have to option to take it off during the day.

Butterick B4827 is the pattern I'm using as well.

I should take a photo of my fabrics. lol

Originally Posted by psychoaccess View Post
And, to put some curiosity to rest about the black "Epilogue Dress" I took a screen cap, and also cropped it down to where it only shows Merida wearing the dress, for study:
I think it is black, when you look at the highlights on the fabric, they're relatively colorless, and it seems like a velvet fabric. It has the same wide belt and detail at the bottom of the dress as the art does.
It dose look black with the slight overcast skies but the palette is mush closer to the production sketch for sure. (my fabric is colour to the production shade teal but it's a shade between the "hunting" dress and the final one)

Here is the details on the hem of her princes aqua dress.

Edit: With the new larger epilog image I was able to update the pattern details for the tartan. Ordered new swatches for this so this will be listed for sale soon.

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