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@psychoaccess, I agree with you on the film aesthetics. I'm torn between whether I think it's linen or wool. Ooh, good luck on your fabric search!

I actually didn't use a pattern. I modified a generic t-tunic "pattern" to include gores, a back lacing, and modified sleeves. I also added darts to the sides because it was way too big when I first put the dress together. If I remember correctly, I only bought four yards of linen and had half a yard (maybe more?) left after finishing the dress. I did a similar thing for the underdress. I can go into more detail at some point if you'd like me to. (The instructions for a t-tunic can be found via google, I'd link one but I'm on my phone right now).

@Ani_BEE, A huge part of the draw to linen is that it's period. It was important to me that I use period fabrics so I could wear this dress to middle ages reenactment events. (Which is also why I haven't yet made the belt and quiver since I want to use leather and make a fully functional quiver, but there's not a leather store near where I live.)
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