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Originally Posted by bodatheyoda View Post
Actually they are all mausoleums with it being a cemetary, but it an arboretum as well so there are tons of different trees and plants to ad to photos. There are several buildings like that on the grounds..I think its like 730 acres or something. I spent probably 6hours or so there one day and only say maybe a 7th of the place. It's amazing.
That looks and sounds EXACTLY like the Mount Auburn cemetary in Boston/Cambridge here! cept it's not, but I look at these and think I'm down the street in my "sunlight absorbing" getup. Same deal: fancy botanical and wandering welcomed, as long as you dont look as I did. KM second most fav spot for pics in the world is very similar to yours, good taaste!....first most in on top of mountains, but that's a bit harsh on the photogs XD
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