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I'm glad that you added some belts to the costume, though I couldn't tell if you had the ammo pouches around the waist. If you were going for the after rescue outfit in the screen shot you should tatter up the jacket some, but either way it looks pretty nice!

(Also are you wearing the Captain America styled hoodie for an undershirt? If so it'd be much more comfortable to get a t shirt haha)

A couple things I would mention is to wear down your costume a bit to give it that look that he has in the movie, yours looks shiny and new. Also make sure to zip up the jacket since he has it zipped in both reference pictures, and of course if you want to go the extra mile either get a blond wig or bleach your hair. Though that's just a personal preference since he is America's golden boy in a sense.

Just my opinion, but you've got a great start to a potentially fantastic costume!
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