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I want to say they way they got that puffy look back in the 1830's was to also wear a pillow bustle over the corded skirt (this was before they had wire crinoliness/hoops) but under the outer skirts. Pillows where feather, varied for the desired shape (arm, butt, etc.) with strings to tie around the arm, waist, etc. Does that help?

Also, it may look puffy like that because the front of the crinoline is being pushed back. Like a bell, when one side is pushed the whole shape moves. The best example I can think of is the Hans Christian Anderson movie/musical with Danny Kaye. The song, "No Two People Have Ever Been So In Love".

Heavens, I can't believe I admitted that. That almost as bad as admitting I know all the Gilbert and Sullivan Opera's. Which I don't and I'm not....
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