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Here are some better shots of me and I do have a cartridge belt, so it's in the shot:
Shot one

Shot two with Lady Hawkeye and a good shot of my belt

Here's a side shot with a good view of the holster

Using makeup on the face is a good point, I'll have to try that fo New York Comic Con, Ireally was debating dying my hair blonde for it, but a few weeks later, I'm supposed to be Archer for Chiller. As for the jacket, it's my Indiana Jones one, BUT I did just get one with a side zipper that looks more movie accurate, bue Jones one has no padding, so I stay cool, the hoodie is pretty thin also, which is good.

As for the shield, there's a guy who sells clear silly putty, I was debating putting a thin layer on the top right corner near the star and making a fist imprint...opinions?
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