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Fuck yeah, I just finished watching the Brave 10 anime and I loved it! I watched the first half yesterday and the rest today. I must say it was very nice even though I'd liked it to be a bit longer than just 12 episodes; felt like the end was a bit rushed or something, I don't know, still great watch though! I hope they make a second season!

Oh, and cosplay wise PINK GAY FLUFF Masamune is definitely added to my list (oh god my friend will rofl at me sooo much when I do him XD) and I also want to do damaged!Rokurō because he is my fav character of the ten Braves and err, his default clothes show too much skin for my comfort. lol (even though they're really cool) Besides I really loved him in the end, he is so devoted and loyal.
Hope I can start working on Brave 10 cosplays soon!

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