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Well the London MCM Expo that occurs in ExCel (which I'm going to) has early entry weekend tickets which cost about £29 per person for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Day to day tickets are like £10 for 15+ years and anyone below this age has an entry fee of £5 (I think under 5s go free).

For accommodation-wise, it depends; I'll provide a list of hotel and you do the research on prices, as I wouldn't know how long you would be staying or whether you have friends and such coming down with you:
- Ibis
- Ramada
- Premier Inn
- Custom House
- Travel Lodge
- Novotel
- Travel Inn
- Hilton

These are what I can think about at the top of my head. I'm staying with my fiance in the Premier Inn for 3 nights in October, we're paying £303. So it's nod bad, but it's better to look around for prices. Ibis is pretty cheap also.

Travel, is different for everyone, again, look on the national rail website and find out your route and costs. I come down to London from Havant, it's only 1 hour and a half away from me, so a return adult ticket costs me £30.

I'm not sure about the cons in November and January though.
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