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Originally Posted by Ends Beginning View Post
I believe the feee is based on a small percentage so it usually only ends up being a few dollars or less. You should make sure you are clear as to who pays the fees. There are options for have the buyer pay the or have the seller pay them. So if you have the buyer paying them make sure you account for that.
Say you are charging $20 and the fee is $1. make sure the buyer knows to send $21 to cover the fee if not then you will end up with only $19. You wouldn't believe the people I've had to explain that to when I email them telling them they need to send additional funds to pay the fee since they were suppose to pay it, but picked the wrong option and charged me the fee instead. -_-
Now paypal asks if you are going to pay the fee or the seller when you check out, and it will add the fee on top of the amount you are already paying (so if you buy something for $20, you still enter 20 in the payment field, select "I will pay the fee" and it will add the fee on for you, no more calculating!
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