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Woop, been a bit since I replied within her sadly, since you all seem polite and what not.
I've been working on getting things completed for Anime Expo, which is tomorrow.

Anyways, I can't wait to be Elinor, especially after seeing the movie.
I'm especially excited to work on her wig, since there isn't a whole lot to do, but I will say I am slightly struggling upon finding one.
I found this but I'm uncertain when I split it and start the weird ponytail type things, I really have no idea what to call them xD;, they won't be thick enough.
A friend had mentioned getting some pigtails and putting them in there, but he never explained how to really.

Basically, my question is how can I maybe make it look a bit more thicker without spending too much upon very long wefts, or even buying a second wig and doing the wefts that way?

Also, a friend has a grey weft left over, so I'm super excited for her to help me get that into my wig.

I'd also post references, but it's a bit hard at this point sadly, since there's no many screenshots of back view that are big or good quality >__<;!
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