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Originally Posted by PsychoLove View Post
As a cosplayer, I have been starting to feel a bit iffy about my posing and the decisions I have been making, and so I pose these two questions to you guys:

1) When not in a private shoot (more over, when you're in a crowded lobby etc), do you guys care if the cosplayer is in a dynamic pose or if they are just standing there in a line? I'm always finding myself wanting to be as dramatic as possible, but I'm not sure if it is worth the effort or appreciated!
The feeling is understandable. These so-called “Hallway” shots are usually just hit-and-run snaps. However, I would guess if someone is getting the courage up to ask you for a picture they would like a good pose and of course your picture might end up on the web. You might have to be a little clarvoyant and decide if it’s worth the effort to go full drama or a simple smile.

2) Say you pass a cosplayer already in a pose, surrounded by other photographers and you take out your camera for a shot, are you disappointed if they shift their pose to look at you? Was it exactly what you saw initially that got your interest, or did you want them to change poses to look at you? I am never sure if I should shift my attention around, or if I should just hold one pose and let the photographers find the angle they want out of my statue of a being...
You should give your attention to the photographer that first ask for your picture. Only when he/she is done should you turn your attention to the “gatherers”. I would say just hold a pose for a bit and then shift to another and let the photogs deal with it. You’re not obligated to please everyone and they are not paying you for your time.
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