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Name of Commissioner: Errido, Milzarr.
Character commissioned: Holy Roman Empire Cosplay. (Cape, Robe, Hat, Jewelry details.)
Series: Hetalia.
Links to pictures of your commissioned item:
Timeline: Less than a month! Very fast!
Describe your Experience. I can only speak HIGHLY about the seller! We began discussing the commission less than a month ago. We discussed from quotes, to fabrics, to what EXACTLY I wanted made and how did I wanted it made. I was very pleased by the way of communication and the quick replies. Before the item was shipped and before I paid the final half of the payment, Errido sent me not one, not two, not three, but FOUR QUALITY pictures of the commissioned cosplay. Goes the extra mile and is friendly, will not abandon you! There was a small situation with customs, but this is not their fault, nor do I blame them whatsoever, all the contrary, they HELPED me through it. Customs is quite strict when having items shipped from overseas, but this turned out to be a PROS, because it showed me just how professional and how patient the commissioner is. Errido not only replied to my panicky e-mails immediately and politely, but when I received a notification telling me that my package needed a Proforma Invoice, Errido helped me through and managed to retrieve the missing information that we needed for my package to be cleared. Errido e-mailed every day and got my package cleared. The communication was superb, this commissioner will NOT let you hanging. Even after they have shipped the item and you have paid them, they do not abandon you, Errido stood beside me and helped me. The box arrived and it was well protected, it had layers over layers and kept the cosplay safe. The measurements were taken well and it fits like a glove! I am definitely working with them again and for the long run, I recommend Errido to everyone wanting a professional commissioner and a high-quality cosplay. They are RESPONSIBLE, PROFESSIONAl, FAST, and PATIENT. Errido is very kind, extremely helpful, and incredibly professional. I am VERY PLEASED. WILL ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN!

Pros: Professional, goes the extra mile, knows the craft, works quickly, and REPLIES quickly too! Sends a lot of pictures, customer service is top notch!

Cons: NONE.

Final Grade: A++++
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